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49 Finally, although the current results of our Educational Innovation Project for Statistics are highly satisfactory, theproject is part of a continous quality improvement effort in theteaching/learning process. Given this, we consider that thefollowing can be done:

The R Project for Statistical Computing.

The R Project for Statistical Computing ist eine Entwicklungs- und Laufzeitumgebung für die Programmiersprache R, die statistischen und numerischen Berechnungen sowie deren grafischer Darstellung dient.

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Projects for Inferential Statistics

Since weather conditions usually are quite localized, many of the studies in the scientific journals by necessity pertain to very limited locales. Like studies by , and ) the example project in this paper isquite localized. Similar to and , this example project for statistics undergraduates is a study of the daily temperature patterns throughout the year based on the thirty year temperature averages for Chico, California U.S.A. This type of project is easily adaptable as a class activity even at the elementary level.