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AB: Every interview I have had concerning my day-to-day role in Grassroots is always the hardest to explain. My job is very dynamic in that I have taken on multiple roles here in the office. My official role is a programs advisor where I am in charge of proper planning all inputs of construction, implementation, and evaluation of our SKILLZ curriculum as well as organizing our graduation events. Working directly with the programs coordinator grants me access into the school, where I talk directly to the teachers and participants, and see our interventions (practices) taking place. Overall I do a mix of office and fieldwork, which is great. I also help manage three other programs in the office including a whole new pilot curriculum known as GROW Girls (a 3 phase intervention using our SKILLZ curriculum and two of our partners curriculum, GRS Zambia Girls parliament, a club for our female coaches where we plan and do events separate form our interventions) and also a new program funded by FIFA where we create a soccer league on the weekend where our SKILLZ is taught, and full soccer matches are played between the 8 teams. Overall the day-to-day job is dynamic and constantly changing due to the need, but in a gist I guess I could say handling/monitoring of finances, planning/executing interventions, construction of quarterly reports, constructing professional power point presentations, attending USAID conferences, constructing power point presentations for donors, training peer educators, and managing over 60 peer educators, are everyday roles I have here working for Grassroot Soccer….but that just wouldn’t do it justice….it’s hard to explain GRS if you aren’t actually here.

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Students choose their own books to read individually based on their reading levels and the genres assigned. Genres throughout the year include children’s classics, biographies, historical fiction, mysteries, non-fiction selections, etc. Students read independently on their own levels and complete novel goal sheets that require vocabulary, comprehension, evaluation and other higher order thinking skills. The Accelerated Reader program is also used. Students spend time learning literary terms and how they are used in the books they are reading. Targeted comprehension skills are taught such as compare and contrast, sequencing, fact and opinion and main idea and supporting details. Greek and Latin root words, prefixes and suffixes are also taught. Students not only memorize these, but learn how to put them to use in everyday vocabulary by deciphering difficult words on a regular basis. Students complete two Expert Journal projects during the year. These projects teach the students how to research a topic of their choice effectively. Students learn how to take notes and how to create outlines, bibliographies and professional Power Point presentations. Public speaking skills are also taught and practiced.

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