PH_THR 4085: Problems in Physical Therapy

Mr. Ozsecen combines interdisciplinary fields to improve the current therapeutic and robotic applications in medicine. He works with a multi-disciplinary group to find practical solutions to problems in physical therapy research. His research involves wearable sensor integration, tele-operated robots for home use, and application enhancement of existing physical rehabilitation devices.

PH_THR 8085: Problems in Physical Therapy

The purpose of this course is to prepare students for writing the dissertation as the final requirement for completion of the PhD. Students will be guided in the development of a research question, related research design, data collection and the appropriate statistical methods as steps toward developing an idea paper and a dissertation proposal. Attention will also be paid to how results of research might be presented and the discussion portion of a dissertation should be approached. Various referencing methods will be discussed and the advantages and disadvantages presented. A variety of writing styles that are appropriate for scientific writing will be examined and various ways to improve dissertation writing will be examined. Students will be required to investigate the application of research designs to research problems in physical therapy by analyzing classmates research questions, proposed research designs, data collection methods and proposed statistic.

PH_THR 8085: Problems in Physical Therapy

Ethical Problems In Physical Therapy - Essay

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