Problem Solving for Physics I & II

Staff and volunteers from the British Physics Olympiad Trust, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge will provide guidance and resources on helping your students to develop advanced problem solving skills in physics.

Share Graphical Problem Solving for Physics Workshop--July 13-17, 2015

Dynamics problem solving in physics class usually involves difficult calculations that . This example problem illustrates the importance of vector components.

Problem Solving in Physics - Physics in 24 Hrs

Problem Solving in Physics

Though this research has focused on physics problem solving, the implications could have much wider applications. If relevant visual cues are found to aid problem solving in physics, than these ideas could be applied to other academic areas where visual representations also play a key role. This could lead to more efficient ways of teaching students and promoting learning, particularly in computer assisted instruction (CAI). However, more research on this idea is necessary to better understand the ways in which visual cues, together with correctness feedback, can improve problem solving and learning from it. We are currently developing a theory to explain these processes.