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We use a variety of measures to assess student participation and performance. Pre-trip / post-trip tests are given to assess and reinforce basic physical and historical geology skills, concepts, and knowledge. This comprehensive exam is administered and promptly graded and used as a review. Using a comparison of pre- and post-trip test results, students have demonstrated significantly better comprehension of basic geologic concepts. Students are expected to maintain a daily Journal (see below) and actively participate in daily activities. As such, a portion of the grade is based on participation and appropriate behavior through the duration of the course. In addition, daily questions / assignments are posed for each field site. Students work individually and as a group to provide plausible answers to those questions. Short summaries of how several sites are related allow students to synthesize aspects of the trip. Students also make a final presentation on Power Point the last day of the class to summarize the key points of the trip, and to provide a lasting record of the course activities.

• Develop sales presentation on Power Point and other presentation applications

Microsoft saw the huge potential offered by PowerPoint and decided to take advantage of it. Microsoft included this software in Microsoft Office, so that users could find it and consider it an indispensable tool. However, Microsoft Office does not cover all the computers in the world, as there are also other Operating systems besides Windows. So they decided to release a version of this software that allows computers using other operating systems only to view the files made in PowerPoint. This is called PowerPoint Viewer. You can find it for download from the Microsoft Office Online Web site. So this software allows you to see the PowerPoint presentation on your computer, but you are not allowed to make any changes or make your own presentation in PowerPoint. If you want to do this you must purchase the whole package.

How to Make an Animated Sales Presentation using PowerPoint

Making presentation on power point with Animation

This was the week of our Viva pitch. This week I worked more on my narrative website and aimed to get it finished up as much as possible so I could show the website during my presentation for feedback.
I then created my slideshow presentation on Power Point with all the pointers we were given in the week before Lecture. I was happy enough with my presentation and the Viva itself. I received good enough feedback back from the observers and I was given some very good pointers and advice on how to improve my website. Below is a link to my Power Point presentation which i followed during the Viva.