Organic Chemistry Practice Multiple Choice Questions

5. Use current, quality review materials. Passing the exam is one of the most important accomplishments in your career, so it is worth investing some money in a good CPA review course. Make sure your study materials are not outdated and that they have a good reputation. A good course will help you to focus on the most important areas, explain subjects clearly and concisely, and include plenty of practice multiple choice questions.

Practice Multiple Choice Questions: 1) Which of the following is NOT a laboratory safety rule

This section gives students the opportunity to practice multiple choice questions. There are also sample short and extended responses which can be scored by either students or teachers to increase understanding of rubric scoring.


These questions are designed to give you practice with multiple choice questions

I personally find this the hardest part to get all students to succeed on. Multiple choice questions just seem to be so unnatural vis a vis the act of programming and debugging some students just seem to do much better on this part. The other issue is the following - The college board only releases the multiple choice exams every 5 years so there aren't many actual college board multiple choice practice exams to use especially because before about 2004 the exam was in c++. That said, you can probably buy some other mc practice exams (aside from the 2009 included in the dropbox link). That said, there are some other sources for practice multiple choice questions including Barron's books and the DNS books. Personally, I think that these multiple choice questions are '1 off' from the actual sorts of MC quesitons that the college board gives but they're still good enough to use, given the lack of any better resources. Like I said, I feel personally that this part of the exam is toughest for my students so there might be other strategies/resources for preprring for this part that I am not aware of. Unfortunately, there are so few Computer Science teachers, at the high school level, that, unlike teachers in other disciplines, I'm generally in my own silo without too much guidance . Most of what has come to work for me has largely been developing by myself over the years, and you can see my outline for this past year here : , this page, in itself, might not be very useful because the answers to many of the programming projects aren't revealed; however, the actual programming projects on that page are very much geared towards the AP CS test's Part 2 questions.