12 Tips for PowerPoint Slide Show Presentations

Ham Cram is now available free as a power point slide presentation. You can click on the hyperlink to download your copy. Schools and clubs are encouraged to offer the HAM CRAM course and to use the Excel Based Virtual Demonstration Lab (below) to display time and frequency domain signals.

APA PowerPoint Slide Presentation - Purdue University

Using a Power Point slide presentation, I introduce children to my crazy Ralph-flavored home and studio decor, and I talk about being the quiet kid in the back of the class who never raised her hand. I explain what’s it’s like to be in last place out of four siblings and on top of that have an identical twin who’s better at everything.

PowerPoint Slide Presentation Templates

For a copy of the Power Point slide presentation used during the presentation, please click the links above.

For information on Lone Star College–Tomball's Nursing Program, you may view our Power Point slide presentation. Click the link below to view the presentation.