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In this article you will learn the uses ofPowerPoint presenter view tool. It provides a range of options like zoom view,next animation or slide view, notes view etc that makes presenting easier.

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I have Windows 7 but only one monitor and my computer does not seem to support more than one monitor. I was not able to change the setting from the control panel. But, I did use your tip (i.e., Windows + P) to select two monitors. I was still not able to put PowerPoint into Presenter View mode. This is kind of frustrating because I wouldn’t mind viewing the presentation in normal mode if only my hyperlinks would work in that mode. It’s a 247 slide presentation that I am reviewing and can’t seem to bookmark pages and make comments too.

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I have used PPT presenter for a number of years in a different context from what you have descritbed. I run tech for my church and my setup is: Monitor 1 – Actual PowerPoint Softward/Slides display; Monitor 2 – PowerPoint Presenter View; Monitor 3 – Auditorium screens on which ppt slides display. In 1997-2003 PPT Presenter View, when I advanced slides the Monitor 1 display would also advance to the next slide so that I could see all the animations (if present) contained in that slide – helpful as some animations are timed while others require a mouse-click to activate. Just obtained a new computer last week with upgrade to PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint Presenter 2010 — no longer does the Monitor 1 PowerPoint display advance slide by slide in conjunction with the advance made in Presenter View. I’ve looked for setup options, but cannot find. Anything I’m missing? This is extremely frustrating if it cannot be fixed . . . thanks for any feedback, direction given.