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The Pioneer room is the name for our spacious banquet room. Comfortably seating 44 people, The Pioneer room also comes equipped with it’s own television and power point presentation software. The Pioneer room is perfect for your business meeting, rehearsal dinner, birthday parties, and many other celebrations that involves people and fun.

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I have found working with the Power Point presentation software on my computer to be very user friendly and a lot of fun. They have a wide range of templates to choose from, but there are also many websites that offer free or paid templates if you are looking for something different.


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Aside from a word processor and spreadsheet application, the third most important application in an office suite is the presentation software. KOffice has created an application called KPresenter for creating slide presentations (often referred as "Power Point presentations because of the large number of people using Microsoft Office's Power Point presentation software"). This application allows adding text and images and also allows placing them anywhere on the page. You'll notice some similarities to KWord, on one hand because it uses the same text engine and on the other hand, because it follows the design rules: slides in a presentation are listed on the left in a small pane, while the current slide appears in the main pane on the right. Several slide transitions and options regarding a presentation can be found in the Tools menu. The list of slides are divided into two tabs, one that shows a preview of each slide, while the outline tab shows a collapsible tree view containing all the elements on each slide. Once an element has been selected in the main pane, its items are automatically highlighted in the tree pane, allowing the user to easily edit their properties by using the right-click menu in the tree pane. Moreover, KPresenter displays notes below the main pane, which are not confined to a limited number of lines, unlike in OpenOffice's Impress.