This proposal reflected ideas in my postdoctoral research proposal

Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, award for a distinguished doctoral thesis and a postdoctoral research proposal (four are awarded annually, covering arts and sciences), 1997.

mower" A postdoctoral research proposal, for an international company in the UK, 5 May 1993

The transition from writing your dissertation to a postdoctoral academic career poses an obstacle for many early career researchers: Besides wrapping up your doctoral project, e.g. publishing your manuscript, you need to develop a new research proposal, find university employment or independent research funding, write various types of applications and hone your academic profile in order to find a position that will allow you to further pursue a career as a researcher. In order to give our outstanding alumni the possibility to develop their own postdoctoral research proposal, the GCSC is offering

-Postdoctoral Research Proposal

Now, a postdoctoral research proposal has to cover much of that same ground

This internship postdoctoral research proposal to be developed at École française d'Athènes under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sandrine HUBER aims to develop an essential part of the main project developed at MAE-USP. The research activities are characterized by the analysis in loco of the unpublished archaeological material in the museum of Argos, in the Peloponnese, and the Museum of ...