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Research presentation by Eric Vanhaute, Jang Wang and Xiao Yu: "land tenure systems in China and Europe", followed by the presentation of a postdoc research proposal by Joris Mercelis

I would greatly help if anyone can send me his/her actual or sample postdoc research proposal

On returning to South Africa he developed a postdoc research proposal to understand what was going on with the patterns of appearance and disappearance of the Fynbos endemic birds in his ‘backyard’, part of the Baviaanskloof Mega-reserve. As a Conservation Biologist, Alan was concerned about the apparent decrease in reporting rate from SABAP2 data for the Protea Seedeater and Cape Rockjumper. Supported by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and Birdlife South Africa, Alan embarked on an epic 3000km cycle ride to survey the fynbos endemic species across the Western Cape in order to resolve the status of these two species and determine the influence of climate change (this exciting journey is documented at ). Alan also has a Facebook project page at

My postdoc research proposal - Ethan O. Perlstein

I’m interested with your post about research proposal, I have collection of publication on my website,if you mind you can find here

It is very good to see postdoc jobs posted in imechanica .I want to apply for postdoc position in solid mechanics ,however, i have never written a postdoc research proposal.I dont know how it is different from statement of purpose that is required for a graduate research.