This series of physics problems and solutions which consists of seven volumes - Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Optics, Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, Quantum Me- chanics, Solid State Physics - contains a selection of 2550 problems from the graduate-school entrance and qualifying examination papers of seven US. universities - California University Berkeley Campus, Columbia Uni- versity, Chicago University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York State University Buffalo Campus, Princeton University, Wisconsin University - as well as the CUSPEA and C.C. Ting’s papers for selection of Chinese students for further studies in U.S.A. and their solutions which represent the effort of more than 70 Chinese physicists plus some 20 more who checked the solutions. The series is remarkable for its comprehensive coverage. In each area the problems span a wide spectrum of topics while many problems overlap several areas. The problems themselves are remarkable for their versati- lity in applying the physical laws and principles, their up-to-date realistic situations, and their scanty demand on mathematical skills. Many of the problems involve order-of-magnitude calculations which one often requires in an experimental situation for estimating a quantity from a simple model. In short, the exercises blend together the objectives of enhancement of one’s understanding of the physical principles and ability of practical application. The solutions as presented generally just provide a guidance to solving the problems, rather than step by step manipulation, and leave much to the students to work out for themselves, of whom much is demanded of the basic knowledge in physics. Thus the series would provide an invaluable complement to the textbooks.

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As every student knows, physics problems can be quite a challenge. And when it comes to challenges, physics olympiad problems are way up there. So here are a few great links for various international physics olympiads. These include problems and corresponding solutions. For more physics problems and solutions check out this link:

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