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For example, a study by Heller, Keith, and. Anderson (1992) supports co- construction of a physics problem solution by college students. Students solving .

Feb 12, 2010 . A general approach to problem solving in physics. **More good stuff . Problem Solving PowerPoint PPT Content Modern Sample Problem .

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Physics problem solving can be learned justlike you learned to drive a car, play a musical instrument, orride a bike. What can aid you more than anything is to havea general approach to follow with each problem youencounter. You may use different tools or tactics withdiffering areas of physics, but the overall strategy remains thesame. Most likely, you have already acquired someproblem-solving skills and habits from previous courses inphysics, chemistry, or mathematics. Like other areas oflearning and life, some of these habits may be beneficial andsome may actually hinder your progress in learning how to solvephysics problems.

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Two factors can help make you a betterphysics problem solver. First of all, you must know andunderstand the principles of physics. Secondly, you musthave a strategy for applying these principles to new situationsin which physics can be helpful. We call these situationsproblems. Many students say, “I understand thematerial, I just can’t do the problems.” If thisis true of you as a physics student, then maybe you need todevelop your problem-solving skills. Having a strategy toorganize those skills can help you. DESCRIBE the PHYSICS
A “physics description” of aproblem translates the given information and a very literalpicture into an idealized diagram and defines variables that canbe manipulated to calculate desired quantities. In a sense,you are translating the literal situation into an idealizedsituation where you can then apply the laws the physics. The biggest shortcoming of beginning physics problem solvers isattempting to apply the laws of physics, that is write downequations, before undertaking this qualitative analysis of theproblem. If you can resist the temptation to look forequations too early in your problem solution, you will become amuch more effective problem solver.