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It's impossible, at least for me, to hold to a completely regimented work schedule 24/7. The desire to procrastinate and to spend time away from work is completely natural and should not remain constantly unfulfilled. That being said, two majors, a concentration, the core, an outside orchestra, and assorted gigs and concerts make it difficult to take breaks. To get around this unavoidable aspect of college life, I combine productivity and procrastination into the same activity. If there's a paper I don't want to write, I do a physics problem set. If that problem set has remained unsolved after 7 straight hours because of its absurd level of difficulty and looking at it for any longer will make my brain disintegrate, then I practice. If my hands refuse to move, I do some reading. Always make sure to put off the work you don't want to do at the moment with something equally productive, just less horrible.

Dive Physics Problem Set 1 - EarthLink

The sessions will usually be started with a lecture given by a UBC physics professor and will usually be about his/her research or an area of interest. Students will then be served pizza and refreshments following the lecture and will be handed out the challenge physics problem set to think about and discuss with others. Once the refreshment period is over, the problems on the problem set will be briefly introduced and hints will be provided. Students are then free to use this information and work with their peers, along with the help of available UBC physics students, to solve these problems.

AP Physics Fluids Problem Set I - teacher web

AP Physics Fluids Problem Set I