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American Physics Olympiad Problems
1. Starting from rest at time t = 0, a car moves in a straight line with an acceleration given by the accompanying graph. What is the speed of the car at f = 3 s? (a) 1.0 m/s 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 (ins (b) 2.0 m/s (c) 6.0 m/s (d) 10.5 m/s (e) 12.5 m/s 2. A flare is dropped from a plane flying over level ground at a velocity of 70 m/s in the horizontal direction. At the instant the flare is released, the plane begins to accelerate horizontally at 0.75 m/s 2 . The flare takes 4.0 s to reach the ground. Assume air resistance is negligible. Relative to a spot directly under the flare at release, the flare lands (a) directly on the spot. (b) 6.0 m in front of the spot. (c) 274 m in front of the spot. (d) 280 m in front of the spot. (e) 286 m in front of the spot. 3. As seen by the pilot of the plane (in question 2) and measured relative to a spot directly under the plane when the flare lands, the flare lands (a) 286 m behind the plane. (b) 6.0 m behind the plane. (c) directly under the plane. (d) 12 m in front of the plane. (e) 274 m in front of the plane 4. A force F is used to hold a block of mass m on an incline as shown in the diagram. The plane makes an angle of 9 with the horizontal and F is perpendicular to the 14

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