Physical Problems, Institute of (full name, S

National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (UK). Depression in Adults with a Chronic Physical Health Problem: Treatment and Management. Leicester (UK): British Psychological Society; 2010. (NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 91.)

There are at least three distinct ways in which a  physical health problem causes .

[chi] Chi, M., Feltovich, P., and Glaser, R., ``Categorization and Representation of Physics Problems by Experts and Novices'', , vol. 5, no. 2 (April 1981), pp. 121-152.

Diagrams for Solving Physical Problems

5. If a physical problem is diagnosed, follow your physician's treatment advice.

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(full name, S. I. Vavilov Institute of Physical Problems of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR), a scientific research institution at which work is conducted in low-temperature physics and engineering, high-power electronics, plasma physics, accelerator technology, and theoretical physics. The institute was founded in 1934 in Moscow by the academician P. L. Kapitsa, who was its director from 1934 to 1946 and again from 1955.Humans often use diagrams when solving physical problems; diagramsappear in physics books and serve as a means of formal communicationin engineering. Diagrams are used because physical problemsrequire the solution of geometric subproblems, but they serve manyother roles. People find iteasy to interpret diagrams; this is not the casefor computer programs, where vision is an unsolved problem. Thechallenge for AI is to give programs the ability to reasonwith diagrams as humans do.