Physical Problem Solving: Math Dance Physical Problem Solving

In this dynamic workshop, presented by Dr. Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern, teachers learn how to engage students in physical problem solving using creative movement thatdevelops their understanding of mathematical concepts. Participants explore ways to help students learn about the mathematical concepts of patterns, combinations, symmetry, and polyhedral (3-D) geometry and learn ways to guide students’ work and help them notate their movement phrases. Links to mathematics (basic, algebra, and geometry), kinesthetic learning, and spatial reasoning. CC Math: CC, OA, G, F, MD, NS. CC ELA: RL7, SL 1-4, L 3-5.

**Registration fee includes a Math Dance book for educators.**

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Alice is interested in comparative cognition in particular in tool use and other aspects of physical problem solving in birds and primates. She is managing the Goffin Lab.

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Lecture 03/12 Physical Problem Solving

Creative physical problem solvingAlignment work, particularly for those
with scoliosis, imbalances, pain, physical/
movement complexities of all kindsPre & Post RehabHigh-end refinements for dancers and