4516. Applied Mathematics in Physical Chemistry II. 3. Covers the advanced mathematical techniques in physical and theoretical chemistry. This includes introduction into probability and stochastic processes, infinite series, vector and tensor calculus, Fourier transforms and partial differential equations. Includes practical numerical problem solutions using MatLab software and applications of the mathematical analysis to specific physical chemistry problems. Dual listed with CHEM 5516. Prerequisite: CHEM 4515.

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Dr. Matthew C. Beard received a Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from Yale University in 2002 and joined NREL in 2003. Currently, Dr. is a Senior Scientist in the Chemistry and Materials Science Center at NREL. His research interest spans a large range of important physical chemistry problems relating to photoconversion. This includes charge transport in nanoparticle arrays and organic semiconductors, charge and energy transfer, and size-dependent phenomena in quantum-sized materials. He is currently investigating carrier generation and charge transport in assemblies of semiconductor nanocrystals.

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Bill was also among the first members of our department to take advantage of the potential of PCs on science, designing a course which allowed students to use these new tools for everything from quantum mechanical calculations to Web page design to the use of mathematical programs to solve more complex but realistic physical chemistry problems. All this seems routine now, but Bill started it, so far as I know.