We understand Physics – it means that we can solve physics problems.

And another thing is not to be discouraged if you find physics problems difficult. Never give up without a fight. It’s only by trying difficult things that you can improve your ability by learning from your mistakes. It’s not the job of a physics lecturer to make physics seem easy but to encourage you to believe that you can do things that are difficult.

physics problems on different topics

Another good tip to remember at this point, too, is that many physics problems have very crucial information in the wording. A car starting from rest, for instance, means your initial velocity is zero. Two objects falling from a window might behave differently if they are both attached to one another.

Another important fact about Physics Problems is

There are few general rules we need to follow when we solve Physics Problems. Such as:

thank you for your time in writing this. as a 40 year old whom is re-educating himself(2nd year college) and never had any physics education previously, you may have made my life a bit easier. I have been having a hard time finding a rhythm to solving physics problems but your "article" has sent me in the right direction. so again thank you for your time( it is a precious commodity)!as a side note I have to say it is a wonderful subject. from a beginners perspective its vast, but I really do want to know the whys and hows?hope that makes sense