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It is the main part of a term paper that is not split into sub-parts. Still, the body of your paper will consist of several paragraphs, each one developing a certain idea. Mind that every paragraph should start with a topic sentence and finish with a transition.


This final part of a term paper summarizes your work. Here you do not have to develop new ideas.


This chapter includes all sources used for creating your term paper.

So, these are absolutely necessary parts of any term paper. Do not forget that if you miss something, your grade might be reduced.

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One engaged in has to work out an outline of the paper to know what steps he/she has to undertake. As a rule, term paper outline highlights the main parts of a term paper and suggests some considerations about their writing. In this article we are going to do nearly the same – we will present you each part of a term paper in particular and dwell on its significance for the general structure of the term paper.

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Our writers below have crafted certain essential and basic parts of a term paper that students should pay the utmost heed to while writing a term paper: