Detailed outline of Research Proposal 1

Weekly analysis of readings; discussant preparation for small-group assignment; annotated outline of research proposal involving application of a mixed methods approach to student research question of interest; class participation.

Detailed outline of Research Proposal

In order to assist PhD candidates in writing their research proposal, we have put a number of ‘instruction videos’ online. In addition to a , these videos include videos on the , the , and the . In the videos we refer to two supplementary documents, about the outline of research proposal and an orientation exercise, which you can find below. We hope you find these videos and documents useful and welcome any feedback in order to improve them! Please note, as we also stress in the videos, that there are no fixed rules for writing your (TPM) research proposal. Therefore, consider what is told in the videos as helpful guidance, not as the definite answer to all your questions, and always consult first with your supervisors!

Outline of the Research Proposal Document by scl14029

The following is a guideline for the outline of research proposal: a