Sample Outline for a Research Project Proposal

Capstone Experience: Through the course, students will "learn by doing," applying and mastering methods learned throughout the summer. All participants will complete an outline for a research proposal following NIH guidelines for either an R01 or K (career development) award and present their proposals to a multidisciplinary board of scientific advisors during the program's final week.

there is no single accepted outline for a qualitative research proposal or report (Morse, 1991).

To strengthen these network activities the ILO is sponsoring four scholarships at the GLU campuses in Brazil and South Africa specially dedicated to further strengthening South-South cooperation. Applicants are requested to submit an outline for a research proposal focussing in particular on experiences, challenges and opportunities of South-South cooperation between trade unions and other workers’ organisations. Within the programme they will in particular have the opportunity to look at the role of developing countries in global supply chains, the role of labour standards in South-South relations, best practice in information exchange, policy coordination and solidarity among developing countries.

Appendix D: Outline for a Research Proposal

(i.e., an abstract of an assigned research-based article, an outline for a research proposal)

Making an outline for a research proposal can help design your paper. Using level, sublevels, and bullet points to point out the important part of the topic you are covering. This also breaks the proposal down into smaller categories giving you a visual idea of what the outcome may look like. Start with the introduction; go into the specifics adding bullet points for every sub-topic then add a strong conclusion.