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Online Group Projects — Yikes! You can hear the moans and groans of students echoing through your computer monitors as you start the first week of your online course. The reasons for requiring a group project vary from one discipline to another, but there are educational and career motives for requiring group projects.

Online group projects are perceived as even more challenging than on-campus group projects

The Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) research group will investigate interactions of peer collaboration and instructional interventions for learning in online learning environments. Research topics include but not limited to online group projects, peer tutoring, group awareness, social loafing, online discussion, etc. CSCL research group will conduct qualitative as well as quantitative studies to reveal students’ peer interactions and find their impact on learning outcome and satisfaction. They will also design and develop group awareness tools to facilitate an effective group process and positive group climate. Students will review articles related to the research topics and develop research plans collaboratively.

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It's not uncommon for students to gripe when confronted with the prospect of group work. Research shows, however, that online group projects or in-person collaborative learning stands a better chance of success when certain boundaries are set. For example, students and teachers benefit when group work is carefully thought-out and explained to students ahead of time. Simply put- the more details, the better. It's also crucial for students to ask questions and take the initiative to clear up any misunderstandings ahead of time.