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Writing your admission essay for nurse practitioner is going to be very hard work if you do not want to be similar to all of the other applicants. There are many websites out there on the Internet giving advice (sometimes conflicting advice) that you could research. You could spend many days researching what you should write and how you should write your nurse practitioner admission essay and then spend several more days actually writing it and then more days agonizing over editing and changing it. At the end of this time you may still be none the wiser as to whether or not you have created something that will stand out, your nursing admission essay has to be able to catch the eye and the imagination of those making the selections if you want to succeed. If you are not confident that you could write an exemplary essay or you feel that you don’t have the time required to dedicate to making one that will do the job, you may wish to consider finding help with writing your nursing admission essay.