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Apart from other subjects of physics, nuclear physics assignment demand exhaustive study of literature that takes lot of time to complete. In fact, nuclear physics lack one-liners, as they have huge busty paragraph literature that is often boring to search or read. In addition, owing to formula based problems, nuclear physics homework problems often come in multiple numbers. They have repetition of the same old formula for use in different problems that come along. Besides, lack of proper guidance can make subject drab and boring. However, we undertake nuclear physics homework no matter how boring or drab it may sound.

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Nicholas Powers
The Use of Mathematics in Nuclear Physics
Faculty Sponsor: Sue Fettes
Problems in nuclear physics will be discussed and examined from a mathematical standpoint. Specific examples will be looked at in which nuclear physics problems are solved using algebra and calculus. The derivation of certain equations used in nuclear physics will also be briefly examined.


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“More than 15 percent of all awarded INCITE hours this year were dedicated to various computational nuclear physics problems,” said computational astrophysicist Bronson Messer of (ORNL), which houses the (OLCF). “Understanding the current and future needs of this community is obviously of critical importance to the OLCF.”