Example of a multiple choice question:

Dear doctor, I have a 5-year-old girl who never talks in school except giving one or two-word answer. She does not play with others, never makes friends. At home, she talks just fine. She pays attentions to what we said, asks a lot of questions, plays with us, laughs... We took her to see two psychiatrists and both diagnosed her to have social phobia caused by high level of anxiety. Although they never mention she has SM but we think she does based on the information we get here. The only thing I'm not sure is that as very much relaxes as she is with us at home, she never answers our open-end questions. She only answer yes/no or multiple choices questions. She can speak full sentences very well or even argues with us. But she never tells us what she does at school when asked. We found out recently quite by accident that a boy has been picking up on her. She never reports it to her teacher or talks to us about it. She just became anxious about going to school. She seems defenseless when someone gives her trouble. Is this a common behavior for SM children to hold such information even from her own family? Is it common that they don't answer open-end questions even to her parents? Also do you know any doctor or psychologist in Austin, Texas area who is specialized in SM? Her current psychiatrist wants to use med on her (Pexil or Prozac starting at 10mg) but we are not sure if this is a right dosage to start with. We really appreciate any help you can give us. It just makes us extremely worried that our little girl can not even protect herself due to her inability to speak. Thank you very much!

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There are several factors to take into consideration when you are going to answer multiple choice test questions. If the test is timed, you need to make sure you pace yourself so that you can get through all of the questions. Go to the end of the test and see how many questions there are. Compare that to the time you have so that you are able to identify the maximum amount of time you can spend on each of the questions.

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