Create 10 multiple choice survey questions

The Polls tool allows instructors to post single question multiple choice survey questions on their site. Polls can be structured to elicit single or multiple responses to a question.

Multiple choice survey questions served as the quantitative data for the research study

- This question type is great for collecting responses that are categorical. Multiple choice survey questions should be written with care so that participants aren't forced to give an answer they don't agree with. Its also useful in situations where you might want the user to choose from a pre-determined set of responses, instead of letting them come up with their own verbiage.

Lessons On Authoring Multiple Choice Survey Questions [pdf]

Follow the link, below, to answer a few multiple choice survey questions

Multiple-choice or rating-scale questions are the easiest to design and the easiest for respondents to answer (e.g., "Please rate your level of satisfaction with our product: Very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied "). You should, however, consider adding open-ended or essay-style questions to your market survey. Although open-ended responses are not easily coded, they can add rich insight to your understanding of market needs and trends. Respondents will often share insights that would otherwise be difficult to share if given only multiple choice survey questions to answer.