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I'm looking for someone to create 60 original multiple choice quiz questions (they can't be copied from anywhere -- you must think of them all by yourself) for Oracle Database 12c. Questions related to PL/SQL should not be included. The questions should test how well someone is at using Oracle Database 12c. The questions should be of varying difficulty (15 each of Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert difficulties). Additionally, you'll need to provide a URL source and page title that proves that the correct answer is indeed accurate. Lastly, you'll need to identify a topic that the question belongs to (you can make up whatever topics you want, but your entire collection of questions should include no more than 10 topics). The topics are a way to organize the questions. (Questions can include code snippets or images if you'd like, but shouldn't constitute more than 1/3 of all questions.)

To see an example of how the questions should be formatted, please go here: /spreadsheet...

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Multiple Choice Quiz Questions for Introductory Psychology

Packaged free with the text, the Social Sense CD-ROM includes short video outtakes from interviews with researchers, which elaborate on studies detailed within the text or provide new insight into famous researchers' lives, as well as multiple-choice questions for each chapter. These clips are from The Discovery Channel Education, as well as other McGraw-Hill sources. The CD-ROM also includes multiple choice quiz questions for each chapter.

Free Multiple Choice Trivia Quiz Questions

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