Popular Myths about the CFA Exam Multiple Choice Question Format

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Multiple choice questions are one of the formats used in the SAT. Multiple choice questions give you prompts for your answers, so that even if you do not know the answer to the question immediately, you will be able to make the correct choice by eliminating impossible options. All SAT questions included use a multiple choice question format to teach you familiarity with this.

CFA Questions – Multiple choice question format

This book offers a multiple choice question format and considers the key areas of bariatric surgery, including:

When developing a foundation in geography, a simple multiple choice question format is appropriate for study because it allows a person to accumulate and store a large “bank” of facts. Multi-layered questions string this bank of facts together to construct a more challenging question -- the type of question seen at the higher rungs of the National Geographic Bee. The benefits of studying multi-layer questions are two-fold: (1) The correct answer cannot be guessed (no multiple choice answers are given); therefore, the student must research the answer. Research often leads to picking up several other facts and gives students a more well-rounded perspective; additionally (2) Multi-layered questions allow students the opportunity to process and assess a greater amount of information more quickly and then come up with the right answer. A student competing in the final rounds of the National Geographic Bee, should be familiar with this type of question to reduce nervousness at the bee.