Opposites #2 Quiz - Multiple choice comprehension questions

The text used for this experiment consisted of eight passages, each approximately 200 words in length. We selected relatively dense, factual passages from an encyclopedia and from a book on constellations. We edited the passages to contain enough information to create five multiple choice comprehension questions for each passage but still be able to be read at least once in two minutes. All the passages and comprehension questions were piloted to ensure the texts and questions were of equal difficulty

Pirate Definition Quiz - Multiple choice comprehension questions

Introductory Set One provides multiple choice comprehension exercises for younger students. Suitable for children aged 8 – 11 years, this book will help children become familiar with the format and techniques of multiple choice comprehension questions and develop the skills needed to tackle them.

3.1 Object Recognition, Multiple Choice Comprehension Questions

with vocabulary from the stories and multiple choice comprehension questions