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If it's any consolation we all go through the "I'm too dim to do this" - for me it was when I was struggling with my proposal but I got there in the end (I consoled myself with the fact that my MSc research proposal was the worst mark I got but I got a distinction in the end). I'm struggling to get started with writing at the moment but know I need to. The support on the forum is really helpful at keeping you going when other things (supervisors, motivation etc conspire against you)

GEOLGG02 MSc Geoscience Research Proposal

21 Jun 2014: Jana Wurz - "MSc Research Proposal Talk"

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I am working on the measurement of organic vapor mass transfer through biobased polymers. This project focus on setting up new equipments and methodologies that allow the measurement of simultaneous vapors through biobased membranes. Currently, I am obtaining some preliminary results for written the MSc research proposal.