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This course is designed for ICTR-affiliated research staff in the health sciences. From January – May 2016 participants will work through 12 modules of the ICTR-CAP and meet every two weeks for short lectures and group discussions. Participants will complete one practice data collection activity (an interview or an observation) and a developmental assignment in which they will write a mini research proposal.

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Students will record their observations while watching one of two Web-based video clips. Then they will create their own mini research proposal based on the leafcutter ant model.

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Each instructor will provide 5 topics/research questions for the take-home examination. Each student will be provided with a unique topic (not related to their own presentation if they were student presenters during that quarter). Students will be given two days (48 hours) to complete the take home exam. The take home exam will consist of preparing a mini research proposal on the topics/issue assigned that draws on the concepts addressed in the blocks covered in that quarter. The topics will require the student to outline molecular based research experiments that should further our understanding of the pathogenesis of this pathogen. Each Block Lecturer will grade the proposals related to their Block topics.