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Medical school admissions essays officers will often emphasize that they don't care what you choose to write about in your essay. They stress this because most writers try too hard to meet the expectations of their imagined readers, discarding all of their own personality in the process. Of course, there's truth in their advice: you should write with the goal of expressing your own values and conveying the qualities most important to you. But you must exercise your creativity with an eye toward the themes and points that will justify your suitability for medicine. After all, your ultimate goal is not just to stand out as a likeable person, but to obtain admission to a medical school.

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You see, my friend’s perspective was that since other successful medical school admissions essays had an anecdote, he is best off using one as well. This is a major problem in mindset that I see a lot of students having. However, this really isn’t the right way of looking at it. Rather, you should consider using an anecdote, only if you have one that is useful and strengthens your essay - that is, if you can write a stronger essay without an anecdote, then don’t use one!