Mathematical Physics Problems - Homer L

The courses were focused on recent research topics that have reached a significant maturity and whose impact is widely recognized by the community. Prof. Michael Eirmann (Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany) had a series of lectures on Krylov subspace methods for solving linear systems. Matrix methods in data mining were considered by Prof. Lars Elden (Linköping University, Sweden). His lectures were devoted to the problems of web search results ranking technique Google PageRank, utilization of SVD for classification of handwritten digits. Richard Lehouq (Sandia National Laboratories, USA) introduced the symbiotic relationship between mechanics and linear algebra. Prof. David Watkins (Washington State University, USA) lectured on numerical methods for solving eigenvalue problems for large sparse matrix arising when approximating mathematical physics problems.

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Mechanics and physics of multi-phase media, phenomena in porous media, difference schemes for some classes of mathematical physics problems (filtration, elasticity theory).

MathematIcal Physics Problems David J

Methods for Solving Mathematical Physics Problems

I joined the Institute of Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (ICAS) in October 2014. He graduated in the Department of Physics of “Sapienza” University of Rome in 2006. His dissertation explained how the Rossby’s waves behaves in presence of orography. He continued with a MSc in the Geophysics in the same university. He conducted his master research in the Department of Physics of the “University of Roma Tre” on the analysis of a GeoRadar data (20 Mhz) to study the composition of two Martian equatorial area: Amazonis Planitia and Elysium Planitia. Also, he worked on Mathematical Physics problems, such as the Fractional Calculus. He graduated from his MSc in 2013.