Making A Multiple Choice Question Quiz On Game Salad

To take advantage of web page formatting, you may also choose whether you want to display your answer alternatives as HTML or as plain text when making multiple choice questions. This is handy for quizzes that use special formatting for emphasis.

Moodle has a great feature for making Multiple choice questions

While making multiple choice questions make sure you indulge students in thinking analytically before answering the questions. This would make students learn about the topic using their own brains rather than remembering it. MCQs can either test the knowledge on a given topic, the comprehensive ability of students or how well students apply their learned knowledge about a topic. Islamic banking MCQs should try create synthesis i.e. create new perspectives and connections in the minds of the students.

Making multiple choice questions at a DOK 3 is a great exercise

Creating a good questionnaire – tips and tricks for making multiple choice questions