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The latter approach puts more pressure on the applicant to think of a good subject and an angle. What to do? Search for information about law school application essays on the Internet and you'll be bombarded with a bewildering flood of information and commercial offers. Can you believe what you read? You really want to be accepted to law school. Is it worth the money to pay for sample essays, or to pay someone to help you write yours?

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If you have looked at various essays you will see that at first glance they have very little in common. Each is highly personal, the storyline is very different and what they discuss is very different. The only common thing that is usually evident is that each is very well written and very compelling, good law school personal statement essays want you to read them. So how do you achieve this and what do you need to cover within your law school application essay?

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"He is the type of exemplary individual the Florida Bar should strive to add to its membership," Labarga wrote. "However, applicant is an unauthorized immigrant ineligible to receive public benefits under federal law because, as he explained in his law school application essay, he did not resist his parents when they chose to escape their impoverished conditions in Mexico."

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