Criminal law multiple choice question 6

Although some people say you should do questions from each subject at least once a week (i.e. Con Law questions on Monday, Crim Law questions on Tuesday, Contracts on Wednesday, etc.), I did my MBE Q's in blocks until about 1 month before the exam. For example, after Con Law finished in BARBRI, I did Con Law multiple choice questions from BarBri and PMBR Red and Blue. Then I did the same with the next topic. Once all six topics were finished in Barbri, I then started doing exams to test on all the subjects. You can look at the to see exactly what I did each day. In my opinion, doing the topics in blocks gives you a more realistic estimate of how you are doing on that topic. In the first month of studying, if you are doing 10 questions from each topic a day, how do you really know if you are doing well in a specific topic? You can also gauge your progress by comparing your scores to mine at the same juncture. For example, I recommend you purchase the 1998 July MBE at the and take it 22 days before the exam like I did. Then compare your score and time to mine to roughly approximate how you may do on the MBE portion of the bar exam.

Criminal law multiple choice Question 2 is based on the following fact situation.

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Criminal law multiple choice question 7

Criminal law multiple choice Question 3 is based on the following fact situation.

Criminal law multiple choice Questions 5 - 7 are based on the following fact situations. Read each fact situation and then choose the most serious offense for which the defendant may properly be convicted. Your choices are