The Interactive Physics Problem Set

The preliminary JITT assessment data are very encouraging. We are pursuing more extensive qualitative and quantitative assessments at both institutions. The effectiveness of the "Just-in-Time Teaching" strategies at IUPUI and at the USAFA, despite the many diffeences between the two institutions, suggest that JITT may well be applicable in a variety of other settings. For example, Wolfgang Christian at Davidson College, a highly selective liberal arts institution, is exploring the use of JITT materials which include "physlets," java applets designed for interactive physics problems[8]. Over the last two years, physics faculty from a wide variety of institutions across the United States have attended JITT-related talks and workshops we have given at national meetings. We plan to continue in our JITT implementation, adding more features and integrating it more fully into our courses (including advanced courses), while continuing to assess its impact on our students.

Physlets Web-based Interactive Physics Problems - from Davidson College

Web-Based Interactive Physics Problems

INTERACTIVE PHYSICS PROBLEMS: è una collezione di software per insegnare fisica