This Is Why I Hate Group Projects

I hate that group projects have grades! I'm sorry if I sound like a snob to say this, but I don't trust just everyone to work as hard as I would to earn that A instead of a B+ or A-. So I end up doing way more than my share.

I hate group projects because I'm always the smartest and most serious one in the group.

Honestly, I hate group projects but since they are important my advice would be -- don't be afraid to take the lead but know when to back down. The important thing is that the project gets done -- simple as that.

5 Reasons I Hate Group Projects | Thought Catalog

I hate group projects. My main issue is that I don't want random jackass XYZ to be a determining factor in my grade in the class.

First, I hate group projects because I simply don't get society in general's obsession with being "socially involved". People for some stupid reason want to bring social influence to EVERYTHING these days.

I also hate group projects because every group project upon which I have ever worked? I've done most, if not all, of the work. And there is always that one ass who doesn't do a damn thing, and rides along on YOUR effort and time. And the teacher always says that people like that won't get a good grade, and yet they always seem to pass. Grr.I totally agree Ned. Almost all work was done on an individual basis when I was in grade school (mercifully-I hate group projects), and the same applied for high school since I was home-schooled. I didn’t do any group projects until college. I remember one that I did for biology in which I had to dissect a fetal pig with a couple of classmates. I ended up doing all the work since they were so grossed out by the smell of the formaldehyde.I hate group projects im serious. I hate them. Just let me do the work just give it to me. Dont make my grade depend on the person sitting next to me they’re a moron. Q. I hate group projects! My fifth-grader was assigned one but says the other two boys fool around during class and aren't doing their share. How can we handle this?