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How do we create evaluation tools that accurately reflect students’ learning? What’s the best way to design multiple choice questions? In this session, Professor Patsy Brannon, Professor, Nutritional Science, will address issues surrounding effective test creation, including using a test plan, how to write multiple choice questions, and applying item analysis to determine the validity of tests.

[Continuing medical education: how to write multiple choice questions]

He had been invited to Pakistan twice, once through the UNDP Transfer of Technology Program to establish and develop the Plant virology diagnostic laboratory for the Agriculture department and second time, by the Higher Education Commission to run workshops of Public Health interest and how to write multiple choice questions. He is also a member of the Global virology Network. He is also appointed to be the Chair of the CARIBBEAN ONE HEALTH ONE MEDICINE INITIATVE in addition to the St. Georges University ONE HEALTH ONE MEDICINE committee responsible to organize International Conferences on One Health theme.

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