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Not everyone can afford a professional to help them prepare a good admissions essay and when you read sample college application essays, you're teaching yourself how to write an admissions essay for free. This is especially true when you look at free online essay examples.

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…I went to many regional institutes, where I learned many different things about college and school in general, such as life on campus, test taking tips for the SAT, how to write an admissions essay… Also, I attended many ACE field trips, which were not only helpful, but fun too. I enjoyed exploring the campuses, and participation in the fun activities that were offered. I would have to say my favorite trip was the eleventh grade trip to TC3. I chose to go to the broadcasting production class. It was so much fun being able to use all the equipment, and getting to experience some of the careers in that field; such as newscasters, directors, camera operators, and video editors. This class fascinated me, because I have an interest in digital media and animation, and I want to pursue a career in this field….My ACE experience throughout all these years has helped me prepare and get to know more about college, before I graduate and go off to college myself. I find that ACE is very helpful and it is such a great program that is made available to students in our area. I have learned a lot from ACE’s programs, and I am thankful that I was selected to be part of ACE so I could take advantage of their programs and be better prepared for college.
Sarah Dart (Homer 2011)

How to Write an Admission Essay

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How to write an admissions essay may be a difficult task for most students. Essays in general prove difficult for most students but admission essays have a particular style and audience. How to write an admissions essay is a desired skill.