How to write a research proposal

When developing timelines, you have to be aware of the timelines frameworks as set out by the University of Salford regulations. At the time of writing this “how to write a research proposal guide”, a PhD normally takes three years full-time or five years part-time study (January 2013). The MRes or MPhil programmes usually last at least one year, if studied full-time and two or more years if studied part-time.

How to write a research proposal, including its major stages of conceptualization and development

Writing a research proposal is a daunting task. There are many variables to consider: What's your discipline? What's your purpose? Who's your audience? These are important questions that need to be answered, as they will help you to determine which elements should be included and which should be excluded from your proposal. The answers to these questions will also help determine what format you should use to write a research proposal. Should your proposal be in , , or format? Despite some differences, there are a few common elements that you should keep in mind when writing your research proposal and we will explain these in detail in part two of our series on writing a . But before we begin to discuss the nuts and bolts of how to write a research proposal, we need to understand what it is and what it is not. Developing this understanding now will make the process of writing your research proposal a whole lot easier.

How to Write a Research Proposal?

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Students at the tertiary level usually have to conduct a research project. In order to do research, the first important step is to write a research proposal for the project. A good research proposal is a very structured document. It must be clear, concise and compact. In this article, I explain how to write a good research proposal and provide a template or structure that you can use to start writing a research proposal.