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Before business school, I had a panicked moment where I thought I needed to get some business or international experience to be able to have anything to contribute when I got to school. I didn’t know anyone who had been to business school before, and when reading books on how to write a good application essay, everyone seemed to have phenomenal business experience or have overcome great odds to be where they are. After being accepted to business school, I sold most everything I owned including my car, motorcycle, and most of my belongings, and worked a volunteer consulting job in South Africa for the summer before school. Once getting to school, I realized my previous experience was more than enough to feel like a valued contributor to the community, though I have no regrets about my decision, since that summer was a blast!

How To Write A Good Application Essay Good

As a supplement to the Young Ambassadors seminar series on leadership issues, the Embassy organized an educational tutorial for the participants on March 1. The speaker was , who is a Harvard University admissions expert, and who has started his own counseling business in Norway () in order to help Norwegian students get in to U.S. universities in general, and Ivy League universities in particular.

Fernandez has inside information on the U.S. application process – a process many Norwegian youth find complex and confusing, and through the two hour event he gave his advice on how to pick the right university, how to write a good application essay and how to get good academic recommendations.

Fernandez answered all the questions the Young Ambassadors had, and who knows - maybe some of them got inspired to seek a U.S. education?

How To Write A Good Application A Essay

How To Write A Good Application A Essay Tips for Writing Your College Admissions Essay