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The next summer I switched courses and became a physics teacher. This time the approach was much different because our instructor, Mark Davids, focused on how to use modeling instruction in conjunction with a more traditional approach. He did not go through the whole modeling curriculum, instead he focused on what he added when he taught physics. I fully appreciated this because it was too painful to only use Modeling Instruction when the students are trying to learn something completely new to them. They need a little more than a single lab to fully understand how to solve a physics problem.

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This method is presicely the hypothetico deductive method, theorized during the 20th century. A method that science teachers are striving to instill to their students. Should Angry Birds enter the classroom then ?
As it is, Angry Birds is not an alternative to a proper course because it does not teach how to solve a physics problem. However little effort would be needed to surface the world’s equations, variables and constants. Allowing players to hack into the world physics and making it part of the gameplay would make of Angry Birds a powerful teaching tool.

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"It is a graded event and it's the most useful exam I think I've taken," Ross said. "I couldn't tell you how to solve a physics problem about rotational inertia right now or solve a differential equation, but I will be able to use everything I did in this SIMEX, in daily life for the rest of my life."