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Consequently, I am almost always pleasantly surprised at the webpage design, blogging or other online resources students have at their disposal and knowledge. By the way, I learned how to make Power Point presentations from students, not on my own, which has allowed me to integrate Power Point into classroom presentations or presentations on my own research. Power Point is not the panacea of presentation preparation (there is nothing more annoying than someone making a presentation by simply reading their Power Point slides off...) but it defintely has its perks.


Office Technology: In this class you will need to have basic computer skills to learn how to use Microsoft computer programs such as; word, excel and how to make power point presentations.

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation That Includes Audio

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This tutorial video is to learn how to make a PowerPoint presentation with the following activity Goals:

Create a PowerPoint presentation about christmas with 7 slides. Create a title with word art for each slide, use pictures from clipart gallery, add background colors, and remember to answer each question on the slide using text box.

Cougar Quest is an academic summer camp for students in the seventh through twelveth grades. The first week of the camp is for 7th and 8th graders and the second week of the camp is for high school students. In 2007, the Instruction Department provided programming for both weeks of the camp with a session entitled: "Track Butch through Time." Campers in the session learned how to make Power Point presentations, or honed the skills they already had, including learning to create hyperlinks, adding sound and video clips to presentations, and making graphics animated. The campers also created podcasts and added these to their presentations. During the second week, the high school students were able to visit MASC to research older WSU materials and tour the vault. On the final day of each session Butch visited the students to see the works created and to add a little mayhem to the otherwise peaceful library session.