How to make an effective PowerPoint presentation

i learned alot because after this summer course i know how to creat my blog , how to use yahoo group also i learned new skills in english paraphrasing and outlining and how to improve myself in summery. also i learned how to make a power point presentation which improve my skills in computer . so i surely the objective and the procedure were really clear. ms buthaina you help us alot in the first to improve our skills and how to work with online activities because really you want us to be uptodate with our time.

How to Make an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft Power Point is a powerful program that enables you to present information and your ideas in an interesting and effective way. In the following text you will find tips on how to make an interesting Power Point presentation and how to present it to the audience.

How to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation Highly Engaging


Marisol’s exhibition was a triumph. She befriended our school resource officer who owned a police horse. Rena, the officer, shared many hours with Marisol of riding and caring for the horse. The librarian of our school who tutored her on the AIMS reading and writing tests was also her exhibition sponsor and taught Marisol how to make a Power Point presentation on feeding and caring for the horse. She also helped Marisol structure her ten page research paper that exceeded the typical number of five drafts by five!