High school physics practice problems.

So, from the scientific paper, through high school physics problems, computer generated illustrations, Rabo Karabekian and Armenia, images in ink and gouache, pencil drawings, all that represents the ideal mixture for a post in the that ends here.

UPDATE (5th of September, 2011): I almost forgot... I also authored the "spare" theoretical problem that was prepared in case that one of the problems be rejected in the moderation process. The problem deals with the simplified physics of medieval siege machine called trebuchet and you can . The Task 5 of the problem was formulated and solved by Matko Milin.

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The Examples of High School Physics Problems and Solutions : Resistances in Series-Parallel (Grade 10) and how to find total resistance of 12 identic resistors that forming a cube.

Monkey on Rope High School Physics Problem

High School Physics Ramp Problems

The territory I will be encountering is familiar to me. I have already gone through this in Barron's "Physics Made Easy." But now I'm in Schaumland, and I want my physics to be less easy. Having fought the war, I must now work to reconstruct the land for peaceful purposes of agriculture and industry. That means re-learning about all those objects held or dragged by ropes, things rolling or sliding down inclined planes, pushing and pulling bales and boxes, and eventually building simple factories where I crank water out of wells and lift weights with levers and pulleys. I will re-construct civilization with high school physics problems. Mr. Newton will be my ever-present guide.