Why You Shouldn’t HATE Group Projects

First, I hate group projects because I simply don't get society in general's obsession with being "socially involved". People for some stupid reason want to bring social influence to EVERYTHING these days.

I hate group projects because I'm always the smartest and most serious one in the group.

Honestly, I hate group projects but since they are important my advice would be -- don't be afraid to take the lead but know when to back down. The important thing is that the project gets done -- simple as that.

How Much Do You Hate Group Projects? - BuzzFeed

Does anyone hate group projects more than me? Or the whiny e-mails,

I hated group projects for all the same reasons that others have already stated (i.e., slackers getting a free ride), but believe it or not, things sometimes go the other way, too: When I was in fifth grade I was in a small group of advanced readers that had been assigned to read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” (gag, I know) and then create a filmstrip on it. I got stuck with two boys who hogged the drawing of practically the entire strip, and they deigned to let me illustrate one half of a slide or some such minuscule portion of the strip. The teacher ended up giving me a poor grade for my “lack of participation,” never taking into account the fact that I had been shut out by a couple of forceful personalities. That was forty years ago, but I still remember the injustice of it all.

I HATE group projects. As in pure, seething hatred. They’re just so awkward! There’s always one person who does no work, but who no one will confront; one ridiculously annoying know it all that tries to control everything; and, in the end, one uncomfortably read aloud PowerPoint presentation. The second a professor says we’ll be working in groups, I’m literally filled with dread. I really hate group projects. I hope my class's average intelligence will be higher next year when all the of the high school dropouts have buggered off.I hate group projects. I hate them with a passion. Every teacher who's ever assigned them rattles on about how "In The Real World," you will be expected to work with groups all the time, and therefore group projects are a good and necessary thing!