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From grade 9 to 12, I started looking at Physics and Chemistry too – essentially walking around the room with an Irodov (a book by a Russian author with hard Physics problems) trying to do the problems mentally – it didn’t work – needed paper in the end, although HC Verma (another Physics book) was easy to do mentally for the most part.

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Some people have said that getting EUV to work is "just engineering." Gary says this is not the case. "It is not just hard engineering work, it is hard physics problems too." At lunch someone asked Gary if it was like 80% engineering with 20% of physics problems to be resolved. He said he wasn't really sure how you put a number on it like that but his guess would be 60% physics problems and 40% engineering.

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For many of us, the phrase “mechanical engineering” evokes images of complicated diagrams and dreadfully hard physics problems. For Trumbull senior Jan Kolmas, however, engineering embodies not just an academic subject but also a lifelong passion.