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Now, before you start drawing a , think about it this way. You are simply tracking flow, not solving an international terror plot or super-hard physics problem.

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Although a human brain and and the Blue Waters computer areroughly comparable in computational power, they differenormously in terms of their thermodynamic properties. TheBlue Waters computer will occupy approximately 2,000 squaremeters of floor space,will , will require anintricate cooling system (hidden under the floor) todissipate the resulting heat, and will be utterlynon-portable. A human brain is about the size of your twofists, consumes about 15 watts (even when you aresolving a hard physics problem), and is completely practicalto carry around since it has a mass of about1.5 kg. (It is also worth pointing out that brains,unlike computers, self-assemble themselves and are also ableto program themselves.)

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